About Us

G+T is a dynamic consultancy with a professional base of expertise and experience.   Founded in 1991, G+T has developed a reputation amongst an impressive range of clients for high quality tailor-made approaches to programs that achieve business results.   Our reputation is excellent and that is the way that we intend it to stay.

We have the capability to design and deliver creative, stimulating and effective, management, sales, customer service and personal skills programs relevant to your industry.

Our Passion

We are passionate about the value of people development and are keen to promote this for the benefit of both the organisation and the individual.   We operate out of a strong set of ethics and values and really care about what we do.

We do not 'do' training 'to' people.   We facilitate and coach.   This encourages maximum involvement, independent learning and development of capability.

Flexibility and Experience

In order to maintain maximum flexibility, G+T operates with a team of associates made up of highly experienced learning and development professionals who come from a variety of business backgrounds and have outstanding internationally gained experience.

This enables us to work with people who share our passion and commitment to people development, and to match those people whose skill sets are most closely aligned to a project.

Our network of associates will deliver a practical and professional program with benefits for your managers and leaders, sales and service teams, for you and for your customers.   We pride ourselves on our innovation and creativity in developing solutions that are practical and inspiring to the audience.

We have the in-house capability to produce professional, low cost video - bringing life, realism and interactivity into the training.

We are based in Sydney, Australia with associates in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Auckland, Singapore, London, Dubai and Los Angeles.

We Offer

Innovative, stimulating, practical programs that advance world best practice.

A combination of pre-course work, workshops, coaching action learning and field assignments to reinforce learning.

Experience in Management and Sales with broad commercial sector backgrounds.

Proven success with our clients.

Cultural awareness - all our associates have international experience.

Flexibility - fast response times with the capability of delivering to meet audience needs in multiple locations.

Ongoing commitment in working with our clients to deliver successful business outcomes.
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Our Team

We have a core team of consultants with internationally gained experience.
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"Our mission is to work with you to develop your organisation and people in creative and practical ways, which lead to superior business performance."