Our Team

Linda Moller

Linda has extensive experience in sales and marketing management as well as training and development.   She regularly delivers programs such as Customer Service, Sales Training, Performance Management, Negotiation and Presentation Skills.

Her extensive experience in multi-cultural training for a global audience allows her to be highly sensitive to cultural needs.   Linda enjoys sharing her enthusiasm with others and is recognised as being creative in the design and delivery of learning solutions and stimulating in facilitating workshops.

Her passion for helping people learn plus her observation skills and ability to give insightful behavioural feedback are keys to her success in developing peoples' ability to evaluate their own performance.

Mike Greenwood

Mike is a principal of Sydney based G+T - and has been for the past seventeen years.   With a background in engineering, project management plus people management and development, he is an accomplished trainer and facilitator working at all levels.   He personally designs and conducts a great deal of direct training and facilitates meetings of senior executives, especially those involved with organisational and business planning.   His grasp of business issues is crucial to the successful outcomes of these projects.

He is recognised for his enthusiasm and energy as a trainer.   His flexibility allows him to act as a coach to individuals, drawing on his business experience to give perceptive feedback.

Mike is also an accredited Senior Executive Consultant in the international network of 'Effective Negotiation Services'.   He has developed negotiation skills for managers in Australia and Asia with many organisations including Rio Tinto, PWC, Citibank and Philips.   He is a regular presenter of courses conducted at the Singapore Institute of Management and Auckland University.

Gary Blissett

Based in the UK, Gary believes strongly that effective people development is inextricably linked to the achievement of business success.

His key areas of expertise are the design, development and delivery of people development solutions across a range of subjects including leadership, change management, team working, sales & customer service.  His previous career at British Airways exposed him to all of these areas, in both front line management positions and in sales and customer service training roles.

Gary is an experienced and accomplished trainer and facilitator with a relaxed, yet business focused style that consistently gets great reviews and feedback from delegates and clients alike.

Visit Gary's UK company, GB Training and Consulting here.

Fiona Hamilton-Caine

Fiona is a focused, energetic and results driven team player, with extensive experience gained from managing large operational teams.

Based in Melbourne, she is a highly skilled facilitator with over 17 years of international experience training in performance management, sales and customer service.  Customer oriented and culturally aware with a proven track record of running a successful operation, Fiona has achieved success in coaching her staff to become high performing teams.

She has significant commercial acumen gained from a diverse range of management and leadership roles, underpinned by a passion for the customer.

Manda Cornish

With over 10 years business experience in Australia and Asia Pacific, Manda has worked in the learning and development arena across a variety of industries including telecommunications, banking, insurance and manufacturing.   Manda has particular capability in coaching managers to lead teams and manage performance.   With considerable experience in competence-based design, development and facilitation of many types of training, Manda is a dynamic and effective facilitator who helps people to make real changes in behaviour and skill.

A post-graduate qualification in counselling and two years private practice as a coach and counsellor has contributed to Manda's excellent communication skills in a variety of settings, from inter-personal to facilitation of groups at all levels of an organisation.  She has outstanding analytical skill enhanced by creative problem-solving, particularly in a group setting.

Julie Lloyd

Julie has over 20 years of management experience in business, Finance, IT and project management.  She began her career as an accountant after obtaining a Bachelor of Business, then completing a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment.  Since 1995 Julie has focused on Project Management and business consulting, specialising in ERP, business application software and most recently, Enterprise Search Technology.

Julie's experience in Project Management has been gained from international organisations such as Accenture and Computer Sciences Corporation with training in the pure form of project management where the methodologies were developed by thought leaders such as Michael Hammer.  She has been mentored by Project Directors who specialise in the Aerospace and Defence industry, where clients require suppliers to follow strict procedures for project planning and control and contract management.

Julie has provided Finance and Project Management knowledge to various G+T programs since 2004.  She provides an unusual mix of theory and practical experience that she makes relevant for each particular business audience.

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Meet the G+T Team

At G+T Human Resources Development, we have a core team of consultants with internationally gained experience.

Linda Moller

Mike Greenwood

Gary Blisset

Fiona Hamilton-Caine

Manda Cornish

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