Case Example

Case Example

G+T recently designed unusual, intriguing and unique customer service training for a particularly challenging audience.

Video Triggers

G+T use the latest visual technology to facilitate learning and development skills.   "Firstly we find out about the work environment.   Then we develop classic tricky situations as the basis for the video trigger" says G+T's Linda Moller.

"Having the technicians identify scenarios means the situations are realistic.   And because we get them involved and intrigued, they get the feeling of creating the training themselves" she said.

G+T filmed short 'video triggers' which ended in a freeze frame.   Mike Greenwood of G+T explains: "In the training we ask, 'What happens next?' in terms of the right procedure to follow and how to respond to the customer.

The Benefits

- Proven to achieve measurable results.
- Owned by your people through their involvement in developing the program
- Minimises time off the job through specific, targeted materials and activities.
- Provides lasting results through memorable experience.
- Described as memorable, practical and fun!

"The key to the success of the program has been that G+T listened to us and took the time to understand our needs and our culture" commented the client's National Operations Manager.

He added, "The program left a strong impression in peoples' minds - it was seen as 'memorable and enjoyable' - and this training model makes it easy to run follow-up sessions in team meetings".

"One measure of success has been through customer feedback cards.   We asked customers to rate our service against the phrase 'You set the benchmark for service standards in our industry'".

Mike Greenwood says: "It's a mark of the success of this wholly Australian program that the client asked us to take it to it's US Division.   It was embraced there with equal enthusiasm and has evolved as a central feature of their service model".

Customer Service Case Example Case

G+T Trigger development

Members of the service team developing scenarios to use as 'triggers' in the training workshop.

"I want satisfied customers - that means providing a consistent and helpful approach.   Time off the road for training is critical so it needs to be fast paced, direct and relevant.   These are practical people who prefer technical training.   They need to see the immediate benefit the training will provide".

National Operations Manager

"Our mission is to work with you to develop your organisation and people in creative and practical ways, which lead to superior business performance."