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Customer Service

It is recognised that it is 5 times more costly to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one.   Dissatisfied customers are found to tell 11 other people of their experience.

We tailor the program to the needs of your people, reflecting your customer situations and the service culture you wish to foster.   Our highly interactive workshops have been described as stimulating, realistic and fun.   Participants are involved throughout in discussions, exercises and group activities.

"Rehearsals" are used to simulate actual customer situations and test the application of key concepts discussed during the workshop.

The Benefits for your Organisation

- Customer retention
- Improved customer satisfaction levels
- Recognition for delivery excellent customer service
- More consistent application of service procedures
- Less call-backs on recurring issues

The Benefits for your People

- High morale through the confidence to deal capably with customer issues
- Team cohesion through strategies of support and continued learning

Case Example

Customer Service Case ExampleCase

This is unacceptable! What

are you going to do about it?

What to do next? — a freeze frame ending one the video 'triggers' created by G+T.

Management and


Proven success makes 'Lead On' our most popular format for developing management and leadership skills.

"Our mission is to work with you to develop your organisation and people in creative and practical ways, which lead to superior business performance."