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G+T has a broad experience base from having both worked directly in organisations and as consultants to many more.   We bring experience in Strategic Planning, Sales and Line Management, Employee Relations and Human Resource Management.

We work at board level, with project or functional teams and with multilevel groups.   Increasingly, our experience of working across the Asia region is applied with multicultural groups and virtual teams.

These unique insights, together with our desire to understand the culture of any organisation we work in, enables us to focus quickly on key issues.   We bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity to every event we facilitate.

Our Approach

Successful facilitation is a blend of skills used during the event and preparation carried out beforehand.

Vision of Success

We work with key stakeholders before the event to identify their most optimistic expectations of the outcome.   Our skills in pre-work and process design aim at measurable outcomes and action after the event.


Pre-work is designed to set an agenda in the participants minds, intrigue and stir their thinking yet not be time consuming.   We frequently use client or employee survey data, guided reading, analysis of business results and best practice reference.

The Event

The design uses short creative interventions and energising activities to help groups move forward.   We set the scene and guide participants to draw their own conclusions so they committed to the outcomes.

Follow Up

We are frequently asked to document strategy or action plans to capture the essence of an event – often there is a long life in focusing on goals, results and measures in ongoing strategy, project or planning meetings.

Outcome Focussed

Keen to make the process move forward to achieve an outcome and overcome blockages whilst recognising the importance of securing commitment from the group at each stage.

Independent of Issues

Understanding the issues raised, yet independent of bias or preconceived notions.   Steers the event to meet with needs of all stakeholders and neautralises the dominance of any particular power group or person.   Can ask or do things that people inside the organisation find difficult.

Energetic and Creative

Groups may adopt set patterns for a meeting.   This can lose energy and stifle creativity.   The facilitator injects energising activities and achieves a 'blend of hard work and fun'.

Case Examples

Team Building

The information Services Disivion of a major Bank has around 35 managers.   They needed to deal with feedback from their internal customers which had been identified through our surveys...

Best Practice

A Global Telecommunications Group wanted it's Asian Alliances to benefit from best practices applied within the group from benchmarked world standards...

Enterprise Bargaining

For enterprise bargaining to be effective, there is often a need to step aside from traditional customs and practice and recognise it as a creative process.   A Manufacturer and pre-eminent Construction Company separately approached G+T to design a creative bargaining process...

"Our mission is to work with you to develop your organisation and people in creative and practical ways, which lead to superior business performance."