Case Example

Case Example

Enterprise Bargaining

For enterprise bargaining to be effective, there is often a need to step aside from traditional custom and practice and recognise it as a creative process.   A manufacturer and a pre-eminent construction company separately approached G+T to design a creative bargaining process.

Confrontational negotiation in the past had led to compromises which satisfied neither organisation nor their respective unions.   Recognising the need to change their approach, unions and management sought a facilitator to assist them.

G+T designed a pragmatic process - tailored to meet their differing circumstances - with a series of steps harnessing collective creativity.   In both cases they changed the way they communicated to allow a more productive flow of information, and more effective management of the negotiation process.

As a result, both organisations successfully negotiated enterprise agreements which met the needs of internal and external customers and made measurable contributions to productivity.

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