Case Example

Return on Investment

Performance Management

Keeping a diary of performance (good and poor), giving balanced feedback and handling poor performance issues with confidence, and early, to 'nip them in the bud'.

Managing the Business

Specific projects to which learnings were applied were in; Amex card cost control, inventory reduction projects, resource allocation (determining cost/benefits), supply chain planning and outsourcing.

Planning and Prioritising

Managing projects with a greater degree of discipline and being able to forecast and work around delays.


Encourage staff to make decisions, be involved in contributing ideas and trying new things generally contributed to developing trust.   Discipline in managing time, especially e-mails and daily 'to do list' prioritising.

Talking with Staff

More productive formal and informal meetings, resulting in staff being more open to ask questions of their manager or team leader.

Generating Enthusiasm

Showing a positive outlook and recognising own responsibility as a role model; involving people more, reinforcing successes and 'did-wells', encouraging people to look forward to their own skill development.

Team Development

Getting people together for briefings, brainstorming, social activities and talking about the future.   Recognising individual differences and knowing that 'training' is not always the answer.


Informal discussions, knowing more people and who to go to for help, discussing common issues.

'Customer Needs'

Identifying and interviewing internal customers leads to successful and productive discussions with people in circumstances outside of the normal problem solving/meeting situations and leads to insights into customer needs and job priorities.

Letter from a Lead On


"I appreciate the opportunity to take part in the 'Lead On' Course.   It has has a very positive impact on how I lead and therefore also on my team.   The dynamics of my team is quite different now compared to what it was a year ago.

I believe one of the strengths of the course is that it allows for the individual, which is possibly one of the greatest lessons you can learn as a leader.   Mike and Linda are warm and encouraging and they make learning fun, and more importantly they allow people's confidence to grow and they encourage it.

When I started doing the pre-work for the last module I was surprised at how much I had learned about being a leader since I started the course... some of the problems that had weighed people down had now been worked through and there was a sense of pride and achievement instead... I have also noticed that the things taught in the course apply very well to my every day life.

So thank you for the opportunity to attend the course.   I hope that we continue to run it as I believe it can only have a positive influence on the company.   I must also compliment on the choice of the book we were given at the end of the course.   It fits so well in with the theme of the course, it's an easy and interesting read and while you get caught up in the story everything is summarised so that you can easily digest the lessons to be learnt from each chapter".

"Our mission is to work with you to develop your organisation and people in creative and practical ways, which lead to superior business performance."