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Management and Leadership

Proven success makes 'Lead On' our most popular format for developing management and leadership skills.

We tailor the topics to the needs of your people and deliver it over a period which suits your business cycle.   This way, skills are reinforced through action learning and experience on-the-job and we see people grow through the cumulative impact of the training.

The Benefits for your people

- The confidence to coach and deal capably with 'people issues'.
- Development of the management culture in your organisation.
- Greater satisfaction with managers and leaders, so retaining good people.

The Benefits for your Organisation

- Leadership which is capable of playing an active part in driving the business.
- Improved commercial acumen and customer focus.
- More consistent application of management processes.

Lead On Program

Lead On Program

Looking for a return on your investment? Our 'Lead On' program delivers the results you want.
Lead On Program

Topic Options

Performance Management
Finance in the Business
Managing Time and Resources
Project Management
Leading Teams
Coaching and Counseling
Communicating and Influence
Presenting with Impact
The Customer
Leading Change
Self Awareness*


"Our mission is to work with you to develop your organisation and people in creative and practical ways, which lead to superior business performance."