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Presentation Skills

We create a relaxed and supportive environment so you can experiment with your presentation style and receive open, constructive feedback.

We record your presentation to use for analysis during the workshop and a DVD takeaway for reference.

You get to know what to look for in a presentation and apply your observation skills to your own and your colleagues' presentations.

The Benefits for You

- More enjoyable - yes!   Designing and making a presentation can be fun!
- More confidence - to know that you have the structure to carry you through and knowledge of your strengths so you can use them to your best advantage.

The Benefits for your Audience

- Presentations and talks that are engaging, informative and memorable.
- No more 'Death by PowerPoint'!

The Benefits for your Organisation

- Presentations and talks that are engaging, informative and memorable.
- Greater power to influence and inform.

Our Focus

Assessing the audience

Defining your objective

Mind Mapping

Structuring a presentation

Impromptu speaking

Imagery: using analogies/ stories

Working from notes

Using nervous energy

Voice, body language and movement

Presentation aids

Integrating 'PowerPoint'

Criteria for evaluation

Persuasive strategies

Creating the environment

Handling interruptions and questions

"Our mission is to work with you to develop your organisation and people in creative and practical ways, which lead to superior business performance."